Uptime Commitment
Uptime Commitment

We understand that a website requires being accessible to online users or customers in order to generate sales as well as for buying products. For this reason, Apoto provides 99.9% up-time guarantee that includes server up-time, web server up-time, service and networks up-time for you, which means your website will be up and running at minimum 99.9% of the time during throughout the year. So that, you can check the uptime stats of your website whenever you want to ensure that your website is up most of the time period.

Quality Assurance: Apoto commitments to provide you the high level quality services and tool to grow your website, and fair pricing and excellent customer services that make sure that you will succeed by getting our outstanding web hosting services while we will succeed by providing you these services.

Support that Never Fails: Our dedicated and hardworking IT professionals will make you sure that you will receive quick attention, and will provide you the best possible solutions to fulfill your all needs. Our technical support team has over 6 years experience running, smaller to medium to larger websites over the Internet. They have all the skills that are required to run a successful 24/7 fully redundant Internet operation. Our support team is also dedicated to communicating continuous status updates during solving your issues, and issues will be closed one by one only after your confirmation that the problem is resolved for your satisfaction.

Connect with Latest Technology: We also keep you informed about how your website is being used, and our statistics server sends you email automatically on daily reports or weekly report of your website visitors, so that you can identify the need to change phrases, keyword, etc. We offer 99.9% uptime guarantee in all webs hosting, VPS, dedicated and semi-dedicated server plans.

Do you know what does 99.9% up time mean?
It is a simple calculation as we have explained below:

The total number of minutes in months × (100 - uptime percent) / 100
= 43200 x (0.1) / 100
= 43.2 minutes, this is maximum downtime

So, this means your website will not be down for over a total of about 43.2 minutes in moths, which is approx 0.1% of downtime actually as the total number of minutes in a month is about 43200 minutes. We will not let your site down for a max of 43.2 minutes whether it is for troubleshooting, reboot, maintenance or other work.