How To Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Store Safe And Secured [Infographic]

Without doubt, Magento is one of the  great website managing software portals for creating beautiful websites, particularly those that handle eCommerce. Today, it has the largest market share (about 23.4%) in the ecommerce software industry which makes Magento a target for hackers. However, Tim Robertshaw’s e-Commerce Survey reported says a 26.0% share for Magento after studying more than  50,0000 e-commerce sites inside the Alexa Top 1 Million, and this provides this   platform the largest size of the e-commerce pie.



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With cyber crime on a big rise today,  people don’t want  their online store to provide any loopholes that may  let them to creep in. Hankers can damage your website once they enter your store, and with that the whole database of your customers so magnificently built. Besides, it is also important that you know how to keep your Magento designed website secure.  Also, if you are on the way to developing an eCommerce site,  then keep these things in mind because it will make sure safety and security from the cyber criminals.

  • Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Set a custom path for the admin panel
  • Get encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Use Secure FTP
  • Disable directory indexing
  • Choose a secure password
  • Delete e-mail loopholes
  • Go for A great web hosting plan
  • Prevent MySQL injection
  • Get in touch with the Magento Community
  • Get a Magento security review done

Aside from the above mentioned to keep your ecommerce store safe and secore, there are  many other tips  such as  using genuine Magento extensions,using quality antivirus software,  taking back up at regular intervals, get a Magento security review done, etc, to name a few. Ensure you follow these guidelines  in order to keep your  online store safe and secured from any illegal cyber activity or hire magento hosting.

in case your site is hacked? Most of the online stores tend to follow with security settings, but forget to have a backup plan. So, get your online provider to backup the data for you as this way you can prevent loss of important data.


Domain Name Registration Tips For Indian Business Owner


India is one of fastest growing country and day by day people adopting latest technology in their personal & professional life. New online stores and marketplace taking place in market to full fill our common needs, even today we don’t need to go market for buying vegetables. This giving lots of opportunities to new business as people are more excited to build their online stores and they need to know that World Wide Web technology working behind this concept as people need to register their own domain as a first step to build e-commerce business store. If you are also one of them who want to start their online business and need a domain name suggestion then you must read this blog today.

Domain name work as a mirror for your products and brand so it is very important to give enough time to optimize your domain name. Below we listing some tips by keeping Indian market in mind which should be taken care for every Indians before register their own domain -

Unique and Easy to remember

It is very important to understand your audience and their language to be connect with them easily. You domain name is clear message to your website visitors and helps to explain business goal. We have some domain examples in India which are really famous –,, all of mentioned URL seems to be easy to read and remember. Doing something unique and appreciable work require enough time to research. When you will make an insight research on your products and market then you would be able to extract few domain example.

Avoid number or Hyphens 

People generally think about using number or hyphen is good but this is not good practice for buying domain. Practically they look cheap and compromising within domain selection, also many spammers create keywords based domain by using hyphen or number to get quick ranking in search engine. That may increase a caution flag when reach out for links or citations.

Don’t ignore Extension 

If you are a local business owner and your products or services is limited to particular location like country, regional, language then going with specific domain extension is great option. Extension has unique quality to give clear idea to justify a website nature I.e- .edu (education), .gov (government website), .in (website from India) (website from United Kingdom) etc. It has been assume that people prefer to go with .com (Commercial), .org (Organization) and they avoid the power of extension. Brand marketers and SEO experts understand the value of a good domain name that’s why they are also looking towards new top level domain.

Short URLs Rule over Long URLs

Short URL is easier to keep remember in compare of long URL. It has been seen that people select keywords oriented URLs and add some trend words in URLs like which is completely not good practice in every cases. Lets try our domain search tool to find a relevant domain for your business.

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How Google Treat Top Level Domains?


In early days there was lots of conversation was going on among experts that how Google actually treat new top level domains. Is there any SEO benefits of having new gTLDs? Or Google gives less trust on these domains? And lots of buff about advantage and disadvantage was rounding in many forums, groups and blogs. John Mueller webmaster trends analyst at Google shared some words that clear all the doubt that was raised for new TLDs. In his past few doubt has been cleared like new gTLDs are treated same as traditional TLDs like. Com, .Gov, .Edu, .org. and also he cleared that there aren’t any advantage and disadvantage of gTLDs. Let’s read some FAQ question that he cleared on his blog -

Q: How will new gTLDs affect search? Is Google changing the search algorithm to favor these TLDs? How important are they really in search? 
A: Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.

Q: What about IDN TLDs such as  .
みんな? Can Googlebot crawl and index them, so that they can be used in search?
A: Yes. These TLDs can be used the same as other TLDs (it’s easy to check with a query like [site:みんな]). Google treats the Punycode version of a hostname as being equivalent to the unencoded version, so you don’t need to redirect or canonicalize them separately. For the rest of the URL, remember to use UTF-8 for the path & query-string in the URL, when using non-ASCII characters.

Q: Will a .BRAND TLD be given any more or less weight than a .com?
A: No. Those TLDs will be treated the same as a other gTLDs. They will require the same geotargeting settings and configuration, and they won’t have more weight or influence in the way we crawl, index, or rank URLs.

Q: How are the new region or city TLDs (like .london or .bayern) handled?
A: Even if they look region-specific, we will treat them as gTLDs. This is consistent with our handling of regional TLDs like .eu and .asia. There may be exceptions at some point down the line, as we see how they’re used in practice. See our help center for more information on multi-regional and multilingual sites, and set geotargeting in Search Console where relevant.

Q: What about real ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) : will Google favor ccTLDs (like .uk, .ae, etc.) as a local domain for people searching in those countries?
A: By default, most ccTLDs (with exceptions) result in Google using these to geotarget the website; it tells us that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country. Again, see our help center for more information on multi-regional and multilingual sites.

Q: Will Google support my SEO efforts to move my domain from .com to a new TLD? How do I move my website without losing any search ranking or history?
A: We have extensive site move documentation in our Help Center. We treat these moves the same as any other site move. That said, domain changes can take time to be processed for search (and outside of search, users expect email addresses to remain valid over a longer period of time), so it’s generally best to choose a domain that will fit your long-term needs.

Opposite Theory

But still some practical example says some other theory about gTLDs. Few case study is complelty opposite from above explaination explanation. Lets take an example here -

TheRegister mentioned in a blog gTLDs as a Googel ranking factor when a study stat that Berlin domains came 1.18 positions higher.

Conclusion – If you are not going to spam and want quick result then its recommend to go with generic top level domain for your local store. One thing is confirm here that you will not going to have any disadvantage but few case studies shows advantage


Top 3 WordPress Security Plugins To Prevent Hacking

wordpress-securityThere are over 700 million websites on the web and 19% of them are powered by WordPress, according to research. WordPress is used by millions of people globally, but it’s getting more and more attention by hackers and spammers due to its popularity. Even a big number of complaints or ticket raised by our clients releated to security and hacking issues with their wordpress CMS. According to an article on Forbes, “More than 30,000 websites are hacked a day and 60% of the causes come from the weak websites security”. So, it is extremely essential to keep your website and blog safe from spammers and hackers attack with the help of security plugins.

There are plenty of different security plugins available on the WordPress box room, but we have picked up the best 3 WordPress security plugins for you which should install on your WordPress.

Sucuri Security

This security plugins tracks all human actions on your site, including when changes are made to your site or when users log into your site. If there is a failure in security, then you’ll be able to review the activity logs as well as can find what happened. The Sucuri Security plugin is free to all WordPress users, and provides its users many key security features for their site, each feature is designed to have a positive affect on their security posture.


  • Scan all WordPress core files
  • Detects changes in WordPress core files
  • Provides a last login feature that lets you to see the last login for each user, and where it came from such as date, time or IP address.

iThemes Security

Also known as Better WP Security claims to provide more than 30 ways to secure and protect your WordPress website. iThemes Security plugins scans the whole website and tries to detect if there is any potential danger in your site. Besides, it fixes issues that leave WordPress sites vulnerable and hardens the security.


  • It creates a backup of Database files prior to securing your website
  • Changing the path for “WP-Content”
  • Prevent brute force attacks by locking out IP addresses.
  • Monitors your site and records all the changes made in database or file system
  • Block those users who add malicious code to your website

Wordfence Security

This plugins is a complete Firewall and Anti-Virus Package for your Website. Wordfence Security continually monitors your website and protects it from robots and humans who are trying to harm your site. Its absolutely free, and enough for small and large business websites. If you want to more feature such as Cellphone sign-up, Scheduled Scans, Frequent Scans, Country Blocking, Advanced Comment Spam Filter, Remote Scans and more, go for the advanced version of Wordfence.


  • Scans core files, themes or plugins
  • Checks for outdated plugins.
  • IP whitelisting and IP blocking.
  • Limit the number of retry attempts when logging in.
  • Monitors disk space to avoid DdoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks.
  • Email alerts of warnings / critical problems.

Users who don’t code a lot, these 3 security plugins are the best way to secure your site, and easily usable and safe.


Affiliate Marketing – Money Making Model


Affiliate marketing is defined as “It is the process of promoting products or services of another company or someone else and gets paid a commission. has several advances and modified affiliated marketing Programs, and you can be paid a commission if sell products and services of different companies online. Working with Apoto, is the best and friendly ways of making good amount of money online as we have great track records when it comes to providing best services in Affiliate Marketing. We believe that there are many ways both simple and complex to make a good amount of money from the web. If you are new in web venture, then choosing the simple approaches is really a good idea, and one of the easiest ways is Affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works: If you have joined our Affiliate Marketing program, just login here for complete control panel or  its an very simple way to earn just refer some visitors and sale to our site from your one then earn huge commission with us which is greater then other affiliate programs assigned commission to you. Start earning with our affiliate program by today, just ask at

Major Benefits of Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is beneficial to both the affiliate marketer and the merchant. The best benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can increase your income, and is the excellent way to earn money while you are at home. Almost all affiliate programs are generally free to join, so you do not have to worry about the start-up costs, and you can also find affiliate programs for every product & services. You can also increase brand visibility as well as can get a high listing in major search engines like Google, MySpace, Yahoo, Bing, etc by connecting, which is a big name in web hosting service providers. Some other benefits of Affiliate Marketing are:

1. Market is not restricted
2. Fixed costs
3. Risk free business
4. Unlimited earning opportunity
5. High-End Transparency and many more

Remember, affiliate marketing needs very less amount of investment as well as very less time to spend in compare to any other kinds of businesses, which require a lot of time. APOTP is one of famous brand for web hosting in Indian market and passionate for their work by providing outstanding service to their clients,  the prime object of Apoto affiliate program is to increase your income level and share commission that you actually deserve. There is an immense potential in affiliate marketing, your commitment and hard work can double your income through different methods like increasing traffic at your website by promotion on social media, making the site Search Engine friendly, article and writing blogs about hosting.



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