Phone Verification: New Level of Fraud Protection

Accounts protection is a burning question for many site owners. Unauthorized access to user’s account can bring much trouble both for user and service owner. Just imagine aftereffect of fraud when somebody logs in your internet banking or hosting account or website administrator panel. According to Google an average user account gets risk of unauthorized access three times per year.

That is why it is not surprising that most sites constantly work on the improvement of their user authorization system. Currently most sites use usual login/password but this combination can be stolen in so many ways that just attempt to list all of them will take a single post.

In this situation phone number verification technology could be good fraud protection. Most of you have already noticed that some giants like Google and Facebook have already added phone verification to their user authorization system. When their system detects suspicious activity or user is asked to confirm some operations he is sent SMS with a randomly generated code. Entering the code the user confirms his identity. Other systems send randomly generated code each time when user accesses to his account. Such code is used to authorize session and is required from user to confirm any transaction.

One of the types of phone verification services is when the system makes a call to user’s phone and the code is spoken by robot. Another method is when the site shows a code and user is asked to enter it using phone’s keyboard.

Phone number verification services are easy to use and are easy to integrate to existent user authorization systems. At the same time they provide a new reliable level of security that can’t be superfluous.

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