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WordPress Hosting Security checklist for 2013

By manish Monday, April 29th, 2013

As wordpress development is getting popularity day by day and many CMS are now developing under WordPress open source application. WordPress is an awesome application and it’s SEO friendly and more user friendly as well to manage the website pages, plugins and many more. As you all know WordPress CMS is Open source application and as it’s open source so anyone can download it for free and start developing the content management website for free and having almost free millions of API are available for this great wordpress application.

As to start a new business website with WordPress is good for you but a secure website hosting is also important, If you are finding a perfect solutions for your website development than a good and secure web hosting is also mandatory for your data security. As you might aware that these days wordpress website hacking is on Red zone and need to get precaution to get your data secure.

As we are premium WordPress Hosting provider in India and we are hosting more than 20,000 WordPress site and we also want to let the user aware about the best possible backup plan to secure your valuable data.

We are here giving some of the best possible options and checklist for your wordpress Hosting security:-

  • Update and upgrade your wordpress installation and all installed plugins
  • Install the security plugin listed here
  • Ensure that your admin password is secure and preferably randomly generated
  • Other ways of Hardening a WordPress installation are shared at
  • Disable DROP command for the DB_USER .This is never commonly needed for any purpose in a wordpress setup
  • Remove README and license files (important) since this exposes version information
  • Move wp-config.php to one directory level up, and change its permission to 400
  • Prevent world reading of the htaccess file
  • Restrict access to wp-admin only to specific IPs

Your website is a critical element of your brand and business presence. Of course it should have a professional design, content and functionality, but it’s also possible to have a secure web hosting services provider which ensure the above checklist and having the precautions to secure any company valuable data.


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Data security with reliable web hosting

By manish Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Security is one of the most important factors between the hosting features that can be placed at top priority. The majority of internet hackers are increasing and most of the hacker does steel data because of unsecure webs hosting. It’s a really serious matter that can harm your brand value and lots of trusted visitors may leave your website. The fact is that there are multiple websites do host on the same server that create big compromises of security. Hacker may take the advantage of this situation and your all website can abuse to your customers. Hosting company may offer you different prices for website hosting but generally they don’t make you aware all the right truth behind the data security because using the same server this mean sharing hard disk space and CPU processing. In unwanted situation like crashing a webmaster may lose complete data.

Reliable hosting providers take care of the customers need and determine your Website requirements and support the software technology to your website such as the PHP or MySQL and provide you 100% uptime which creates a fast platform for your website so visitors may experience high-speed web surfing at your website. At Apoto we have intimated failover technology which ensures the multiple servers can perform two times better in comparison of general hosting setup. Look here that how exactly failover technology works to give better performance. Generally we suggest a dedicated server Hosting for big sites or those receiving huge amount of traffic at their websites because a dedicated hosting is 100% secure and also ensure unlimited things at website which is a big trouble in shared hosting. First, all your Web pages will be hosted on a single server. This is an advantage, as your web pages will run fast and secure environment. There is another truth that everyone can not afford dedicated server so almost mid Size Company go with shared hosting which is really affordable in comparison of any kind of Web hosting Services. We also have our own data center which is fully switched, with multiple redundant routers, and multiple connections to different ISPs, allowing us to provide absolute availability of the network with no down time.

Our Data center and Security which is Implemented:-

• Security for safeguarding your site and data

• Power to maximize your connectivity and up-time

• Fire Protection

• Air Conditioning

• Unparalleled customer service support for fast problem resolution

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Real Importance of Data Center

By manish Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The data center means a centralized location rendered that delivers resources and essential telecommunications such as, servers, database, devices, storage systems, access networks, software and applications. The role of data centers is very crucial for our lives as they are regarded as the most effective and efficient source of providing us: Internet, energy, telecommunications, transport, public health, urban traffic entertainment and in fact our physical unity is controlled by the data centers.

The real importance of the data centers lies in the fact that the welfare and security of the human beings is associated with data centers. A common man is no where concerned with it, however big organizations and public institutions have a responsibility to look upon the welfare of the society and country as a whole.

Data centers offer us the higher level of security, peculiarly, to those who are serving in the field of financial services and other essential services. For Example, Banks need to check that whether there is an efficient continuity of services, and want to decreases the risk of interruption and blackouts to almost negligible.

If we look few years back, then we will find that the data centers were merely recognized as the real monsters of the environment with reference to its excess of power consumption and of course the high operating and maintaining cost. But, the modern data centers are comparatively much efficient. They are available in very small size; considered as the biggest growth. Now, they are available with four time’s greater processing capacity, and also they occupy only 40% of the space.

Any failure or break in the data centers would forbid us from sending even a minor query in Google, as the giant portal posses more than 700 trillions of pages of information on numerous number data centers across the globe.


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Zimbra Recorded more paid mail boxes than GMAIL

By manish Saturday, March 17th, 2012

It’s impressive to be able to give away 31.2 million free Gmail accounts, as Google has. It’s even more impressive to get customers to pay for 40 million mailboxes, as Zimbra reported recently. Zimbra Email Server  is the most powerful emailing tools which is not only dependent on the emailing solution but having various modules collaborations. Do you know that Zimbra is now ahead of Gmail in unique mailboxes and only slightly behind Microsoft’s Hotmail service. ZCS has the feature that a perfect mailing solution should have. Mail scheduling and SMS calendar reminders provide additional ways to manage your inbox and calendar. Except this zimbra  have also been a number of improvements at administrator end like role-based management system and blackberry mail configuration.

Zimbra having more features than Gmail. Zimbra includes a calendaring application, tasks, the social networking features, and “Zimlets” which are basically widgets. Of course, Gmail integrates Google Calendar, and you can run a task widget in Gmail too — though it’s decidedly inferior to Zimbra’s because it’s having calendaring with distribution system which can be distributed in a group or multiple groups.

Zimbra has had an interesting few years, being bought firstly by Yahoo and then by VMware. we suspect that it’s in the right hands now, and the next release is likely to be much more interesting. VMWARE released that they are going to launch some new features and integrate with Zimbra, and it’s guarantee that if anyone or any corporate is looking for Email Server than they will only think for Zimbra Email Hosting and it will be a perfect solution for mail management. If you are looking for Email Hosting Solution than we recommend to go with Zimbra only and we are sure that if you use it you would love it.

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By manish Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

ZImbra Collaboration Suite is not only an Email solution application but it’s having lots of module integrated with the same mailing solution which give enormous other feature to fly with your work and contains distributions system. Zimbra company was purchased by Yahoo! in September 2007and subsequently acquired by VMware on January 12, 2010.

Zimbra Hosting India consist of both the version client component and server component, you can have the individual accounts for each email ID and you can manage all the things from the admin panel and put various kind of permission of accessibility to your users. As you know Zimbra is Collaboration Suite application means not only the mailing interface but rather than this you can have Document Management system, Task management system, Calendaring management system with distribution management system through which you can share any document, tasks or calendar into the group or groups. ZCS Web Client is a full-featured collaboration suite that supports email, group calendars and document sharing using an Ajax web interface that enables tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI.

We any corporate look for a solution which gives a platform which will be hacking proof and anti spamming system.  So as per Zimbra security feature is concerned it’s having the best of ever Antivirus and Antispamming system integrated and you don’t have to install any antivirus software except Zimbra because it’s already having preinstalled antispam and antivirus protection system integrated. The Zimbra Email Hosting server comes embedded with ClamAV, the award-winning open source AV system. It is deployed as an extension of our Postfix MTA. If we look into key security of Zimbra than it’s having Network privacy and server authentication, Client authentication token required, End-to-end data encryption.

As per this Email and collaboration system advance feature is concerned than you will feel happy to know that this is completely developed on AJAX based platform which not load the complete application time to time but only work on that frame which are needed to update. On Zimbra Dedicated Servers hosting space both client side and server side module installation take place and only need to buy a Dedicated Servers Hosting solution in which you can create unlimited number of accounts for your corporate.

If you are looking for a great Email and collaboration suite than don’t look for other options go for Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

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