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Domain Name Registration Tips For Indian Business Owner

By manish Thursday, November 19th, 2015


India is one of fastest growing country and day by day people adopting latest technology in their personal & professional life. New online stores and marketplace taking place in market to full fill our common needs, even today we don’t need to go market for buying vegetables. This giving lots of opportunities to new business as people are more excited to build their online stores and they need to know that World Wide Web technology working behind this concept as people need to register their own domain as a first step to build e-commerce business store. If you are also one of them who want to start their online business and need a domain name suggestion then you must read this blog today.

Domain name work as a mirror for your products and brand so it is very important to give enough time to optimize your domain name. Below we listing some tips by keeping Indian market in mind which should be taken care for every Indians before register their own domain -

Unique and Easy to remember

It is very important to understand your audience and their language to be connect with them easily. You domain name is clear message to your website visitors and helps to explain business goal. We have some domain examples in India which are really famous –,, all of mentioned URL seems to be easy to read and remember. Doing something unique and appreciable work require enough time to research. When you will make an insight research on your products and market then you would be able to extract few domain example.

Avoid number or Hyphens 

People generally think about using number or hyphen is good but this is not good practice for buying domain. Practically they look cheap and compromising within domain selection, also many spammers create keywords based domain by using hyphen or number to get quick ranking in search engine. That may increase a caution flag when reach out for links or citations.

Don’t ignore Extension 

If you are a local business owner and your products or services is limited to particular location like country, regional, language then going with specific domain extension is great option. Extension has unique quality to give clear idea to justify a website nature I.e- .edu (education), .gov (government website), .in (website from India) (website from United Kingdom) etc. It has been assume that people prefer to go with .com (Commercial), .org (Organization) and they avoid the power of extension. Brand marketers and SEO experts understand the value of a good domain name that’s why they are also looking towards new top level domain.

Short URLs Rule over Long URLs

Short URL is easier to keep remember in compare of long URL. It has been seen that people select keywords oriented URLs and add some trend words in URLs like which is completely not good practice in every cases. Lets try our domain search tool to find a relevant domain for your business.

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How Google Treat Top Level Domains?

By manish Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015


In early days there was lots of conversation was going on among experts that how Google actually treat new top level domains. Is there any SEO benefits of having new gTLDs? Or Google gives less trust on these domains? And lots of buff about advantage and disadvantage was rounding in many forums, groups and blogs. John Mueller webmaster trends analyst at Google shared some words that clear all the doubt that was raised for new TLDs. In his past few doubt has been cleared like new gTLDs are treated same as traditional TLDs like. Com, .Gov, .Edu, .org. and also he cleared that there aren’t any advantage and disadvantage of gTLDs. Let’s read some FAQ question that he cleared on his blog -

Q: How will new gTLDs affect search? Is Google changing the search algorithm to favor these TLDs? How important are they really in search? 
A: Overall, our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org). Keywords in a TLD do not give any advantage or disadvantage in search.

Q: What about IDN TLDs such as  .
みんな? Can Googlebot crawl and index them, so that they can be used in search?
A: Yes. These TLDs can be used the same as other TLDs (it’s easy to check with a query like [site:みんな]). Google treats the Punycode version of a hostname as being equivalent to the unencoded version, so you don’t need to redirect or canonicalize them separately. For the rest of the URL, remember to use UTF-8 for the path & query-string in the URL, when using non-ASCII characters.

Q: Will a .BRAND TLD be given any more or less weight than a .com?
A: No. Those TLDs will be treated the same as a other gTLDs. They will require the same geotargeting settings and configuration, and they won’t have more weight or influence in the way we crawl, index, or rank URLs.

Q: How are the new region or city TLDs (like .london or .bayern) handled?
A: Even if they look region-specific, we will treat them as gTLDs. This is consistent with our handling of regional TLDs like .eu and .asia. There may be exceptions at some point down the line, as we see how they’re used in practice. See our help center for more information on multi-regional and multilingual sites, and set geotargeting in Search Console where relevant.

Q: What about real ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) : will Google favor ccTLDs (like .uk, .ae, etc.) as a local domain for people searching in those countries?
A: By default, most ccTLDs (with exceptions) result in Google using these to geotarget the website; it tells us that the website is probably more relevant in the appropriate country. Again, see our help center for more information on multi-regional and multilingual sites.

Q: Will Google support my SEO efforts to move my domain from .com to a new TLD? How do I move my website without losing any search ranking or history?
A: We have extensive site move documentation in our Help Center. We treat these moves the same as any other site move. That said, domain changes can take time to be processed for search (and outside of search, users expect email addresses to remain valid over a longer period of time), so it’s generally best to choose a domain that will fit your long-term needs.

Opposite Theory

But still some practical example says some other theory about gTLDs. Few case study is complelty opposite from above explaination explanation. Lets take an example here -

TheRegister mentioned in a blog gTLDs as a Googel ranking factor when a study stat that Berlin domains came 1.18 positions higher.

Conclusion – If you are not going to spam and want quick result then its recommend to go with generic top level domain for your local store. One thing is confirm here that you will not going to have any disadvantage but few case studies shows advantage

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Tips for getting good domain name

By manish Monday, August 20th, 2012

C8S66HFAQN39  Choosing a right domain name is really essential task for you because it represents your brand and company in a word. Usually it seen that the all wonderful ideas and thoughts become useless while one saw already domain existence that were in his mind. But it does not mean that any kind of available domain he should purchase. With this blog we have given every effort to make your task very easy and we ensure you that you will get a quality deal on purchasing right domain name-


Brand Target from Domain - whether you have business of goods selling or you are a services provider. You would definitely have a brand or company name which is most familiar words among your customers and few may search you with your in search engine or browsers. So if you go to purchase a domain that indicate to your company name so you might have the perfect web domain. It will also ensure domain as a most unique domain and will help to get back your visitors by your name because with services they may find different websites over internet

Come Out From .com – Generally people are habitual to purchase a domain with .com extension. Even they have local business or an education organization. There is number of top level domain available which is managed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Basically you must understand that there is another top level domain extension like .biz, .org, .in,, .edu, .travel which can identify you more frequently rather than going with .com. You can also check the domain availably from our site click here 

Keep it Short and Simple- You need to avoid lengthy URL because they are hard to remember and not seem to eye catchy. A short URL is memorable and quit easy to type which is better for your business. For example you would not love to but short URL will be more readable


Think like Internet Marketing Experts – Domain is one of the most important factors among search engine so they placed your site above in search engine result when they feel the URL is relate to searcher query. So just create a list of top keywords that relates to your business and check them on Google keyword tools. This can help you to get good search traffic at your website. If you have completed plan to get higher ranking in search engine form high volume keywords so its recommend to use keywords in URL.

Don’t go with Special Characters In your Domain – While planning your domain name you should avoid special character even if you really want to go with special character then it should be only hyphen (-). Even one more suggestion here that you need to check the domain without hyphen to know that Is it a competitor?


Domain Suggestions :- Before buying any domain name try to get more suggestions through Domain suggestions tool like


If there is still have any issue regarding domain name then be frank and contact us for more information. Even you can put a comment here we will reply soon


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Few things to avoid while getting Domain name Registration

By manish Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Looking for a domain name registration, if you’re a neophyte then there are certain risks that need to be analyzed. At the initial stage of domain registration you have to figure out them and should step accordingly.

“Domain kitting” is the major problem seen in domain name registration, what happens; the domain registrar’s track the most popular and searched names, and get them register immediately. This becomes an obstacle for the genuine searchers as they are left with no option, and eventually they have to compromise. So, it is advised that whenever you look for domain name, check its availability and get it register immediately. The only thing is you need to be fast in your action. Hit the buy button instantly.

Here are some points that you must consider while looking for domain name registration.

Long Domain: Avoid choosing long domain names. For example,, long names are in fact difficult for your customers to remember, so make your efforts to choose a simple and easy name.

Using brand names: Smart work often sometimes becomes headache for you. Avoid using brand name with the inclusion of .info, .net like, This is a cheap method to attract the buyer. Moreover, chances are that they will switch to

 Use of Abbreviations: Avoid using abbreviations or short cuts in your domain name. For example, as these names generally does not speak anything about you and also that it does not sound any sense. However, if you are a beginner then you can choose a domain name based on an abbreviation.

Grouping Words: Avoid using grouping of words which do not make any sense like, instead of using treeredmangossl, use mangotreessl. Make sure your domain name should make sense to the readers.

Use of Numerical: Avoid the use of numbers in your domain name like, instead of using “4hens” use “fourhens”.

Use of Hyphens: Yes, it is true that, many website are registering with the inclusion of hyphens. Actually, use of hyphen often creates confusion to the users, and also they find it difficult to spell out your domain name. Therefore, it is advised that before finalizing your domain name, first spell it loudly yourself and then from your friends. If there is problem in pronouncing even with one then change it.

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Domain Valuation: How to Value a Domain

By admin Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

There is no scientific method for the valuation of domain name. However, there are some factors to determine the estimated value of your domain name.

Technically, there are few factors, which help in determining the value of Domain Name Registration.

One of the most important factors for valuing the domain name is the extension. Extension always comes at the end of domain name. Such as .in, .com, .net, .edu, .org etc. Among them, .com has the highest value. Nowadays .mobi extension is gaining tremendous popularity. It is an extension for the mobile contents. Some countries have specific domain names like- .in for India, .ca for canada. Countries extensions are very important and esteemed and therefore command high prices. Similarly, you must have heard about .tv extensions. These extensions are use for TV, which are facilitated through internet.

Secondly, the factor, which matters for valuing domain name, is the – Number of Words. Single word domain, without any extra word or abbreviations is extremely valuable. Single word domin in .com extension can be very expensive.

Two words domain are also valuable but not as compare to single word domain.

Domain names having abbreviations mark, excessive characters, misspellings and other quirk, are of very low value. Also including those domains, that has phrases, which are already trademark of some other company, has the lowest value. Because there can be trademark issues.

The main thing, which regulates the value of the domain, is the monetization. Generally domain name which has the highest value in terms of sale is related to – sex, finance, health and entertainment.

Industry related domain, which has poorly monetized in the web, would definitely have the low value.

Common domain name are more popular than uncommon one (Generic Value).They are highly monetized and are of immense value. The reason behind it is they do not include particular name, place or thing but they use common words.

Number of letters in a domain name is also very important. It affects the value of the domain. For example, a domain name having only three letters is very valuable even if they don’t have any meaning (Three Similarly, it goes with four letters and five letters. However, as the letter of the word increases it should be pronounceable and have some meaning. Four letters and five letters words are also very valuable. As you increase the letter, then the focus of the value is given on number of words.

The branded domain name will definitely have the highest value. Domain names, which are easy to remember, easy to type in has the good value. The value of domain name also depends upon the size of productivity of the market.

Clearly, there can be countless factors for determining the domain value. Above are some of the factors, which may help you in determining the value of domain.

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