Difference between Zimbra hosting and Google Apps

By manish Friday, May 4th, 2012

One of the questions that always revolves in the mind of the people regarding the choice of Zimbra hosting and Google Apps has made us forced to highlight all the major point of difference both software’s.  From the below distinction between both the email software, you will get some relieve in your queries:

Zimbra Hosting Advantages

Zimbra is considered as a step ahead due to drag and drop email, email message threading in a hierarchical format, calendar and contact. All these functions allow the user in saving both of its efforts as well as time, and utilizing them towards handling and executing its organizations work in an efficient manner. Due to it’s AJAX based interface Zimbra make difference from other mailing solutions applications.

Zimbra is a free open source. Users can use it even in the offline mode, meaning thereby, you can easily use this software even in the absence of your Internet connection. It is flexible too; it can be easily adjusted with MS Outlook with which it becomes easy for the users to import their mails, folders, etc. Web browser based tools are supplied to Zimbra by Yahoo!

Zimbra hosting solution has a good connectivity with Black Berry Server (BES), iphone, and also with window based Smartphones whereas the connectivity of Google Apps is only with the prominent web browsers.

In case, of deleted or unstored message 48-days time period is always offered to the user to restore its messages, if desired. The comfort of restoring deleted files is missing in Google Apps.

Maximum attachments of messages with Zimbra is up to 50 which is comparatively much more in comparison to the Google Apps i.e. 20. Zimbra offers hundred percent satisfaction guarantee whereas is missing in Google Apps.

Google Apps Advantages

One of the biggest advantage of using Google Apps is that it is easy to deploy meaning thereby you don’t need any software to install it nor any hardware to be buy, simply validate your MX records and create your accounts to start with Google Apps.

Also, you will attain a higher level of privacy with Google apps. It works as an important tool in protecting your business information.  Dozens of important security features are included in Google apps, especially designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control secure and safe. Their data centers will offer you highly exceptional security with 24x7x365 reliable access of your data.


It is true that most of the business owners prefer to go with Zimbra hosting services more in comparison to the Google Apps, obviously it is due to the more compatibility and better feature over the Google Apps. Zimbra is recognized as one of the most ideal solution for the businesses with the requirement of business webmail server supporting vast mail traffic in a secure way. Good from the point of maintaining privacy of the company.

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Why Email hosting need security?

By manish Friday, April 13th, 2012


Security plays a vital role in Email Communication and your email account are depended upon the email antivirus security.  It can’t be ignored to virus that attack to server and can damage your PC. The Email hosts use internal encryption for company email.

Zimbra Hosting mail are most widely used these days due to their integrated security system and antivirus and enhanced anti spam securities. An organization uses them to distinguish themselves over their competitors. In an organization, there is a need of vast storage as it needs to keep the record of old emails or files also like, incoming mails, outgoing mails, ensuring server security with various level of data and emails protection system, various modules integration like document management system, task management system which keep your file saved in very secure manner. Corporate document sharing in a group or to many mails was never secure previously but now it’s 100% secure due to its nature and preinstalled security system. Zimbra recorded more paid mail boxes than Gmail because it’s collaboration module feature and secure interface which gives a corporate a safe hand to do communication in channels without having any trouble.

The internet is insecure, so every time connecting with email means you are calling the risk of Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Spam, Worms, Spyware. These all are nasty stuffs that will plunder your personal information or can create confusion on your PC.  Most likely, it is seen that viruses infect your computer as soon as you open the computer. Every year these viruses cause a loss of more than ten billion dollars damage. By implementing a better email filter, you can protect your computer from unnecessary viral emails. Email solutions like Zimbra Mail/Collaboration suites deliver all the requirements that a corporate /companies is looking for better communication and document transactions.

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Why Zimbra Collaboration Suite is highly recommended Email Server for big corporate ?

By manish Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Zimbra is open source software for email/collaboration suite by Vmware. Zimbra is designed and developed completely while keeping big corporate /SME companies in mind because it’s catering almost all the feature that a good email solution should have like Email management, Document management, Task management, Enhanced distribution list, Groups creation and management, complete tracking on incoming and outgoing mail from admin panel, complete user management and sub admin management system incorporated, Integrated Spam/antivirus software which ensure 99.99% spam security and integrated with different level of filtering system which make your inbox feel happy and only genuine mail will come into the mail box.

Zimbra Collaboration suite completely designed on AJAX based platform which loads a defined segment in which you are working, so no need to load the complete mail interface to propagate the changes.  Zimbra is having great admin panel which is not user friendly but fully loaded with many tracking and forecasting tools of your mail server and it check all incoming mail and outgoing mail and keep plotting the GUI interface on the report. So admin can easily check and manage the things for better productivity, speed and performance of your mail server and email activities.

We all know that there are many email servers are available in market but we also know that they are only a email server not the collaboration suite interface and you can’t do anything except sending and receiving mails but Zimbra Email Hosting collaboration suite cover all the features for better communication for better people. Email Servers Hosting is always a toughest choice for any organization and corporate keep discussing and thinking on which email server and client need to use for better mailing communication. So we not only recommend but force you that use it once and you will never look for other mailing server in your coming future because it will deliver all the features that your company required to be the best in proper communication channel and various mailing, task, document, group sharing management system.


So don’t wait try it today !!

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Zimbra Recorded more paid mail boxes than GMAIL

By manish Saturday, March 17th, 2012

It’s impressive to be able to give away 31.2 million free Gmail accounts, as Google has. It’s even more impressive to get customers to pay for 40 million mailboxes, as Zimbra reported recently. Zimbra Email Server  is the most powerful emailing tools which is not only dependent on the emailing solution but having various modules collaborations. Do you know that Zimbra is now ahead of Gmail in unique mailboxes and only slightly behind Microsoft’s Hotmail service. ZCS has the feature that a perfect mailing solution should have. Mail scheduling and SMS calendar reminders provide additional ways to manage your inbox and calendar. Except this zimbra  have also been a number of improvements at administrator end like role-based management system and blackberry mail configuration.

Zimbra having more features than Gmail. Zimbra includes a calendaring application, tasks, the social networking features, and “Zimlets” which are basically widgets. Of course, Gmail integrates Google Calendar, and you can run a task widget in Gmail too — though it’s decidedly inferior to Zimbra’s because it’s having calendaring with distribution system which can be distributed in a group or multiple groups.

Zimbra has had an interesting few years, being bought firstly by Yahoo and then by VMware. we suspect that it’s in the right hands now, and the next release is likely to be much more interesting. VMWARE released that they are going to launch some new features and integrate with Zimbra, and it’s guarantee that if anyone or any corporate is looking for Email Server than they will only think for Zimbra Email Hosting and it will be a perfect solution for mail management. If you are looking for Email Hosting Solution than we recommend to go with Zimbra only and we are sure that if you use it you would love it.

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By manish Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

ZImbra Collaboration Suite is not only an Email solution application but it’s having lots of module integrated with the same mailing solution which give enormous other feature to fly with your work and contains distributions system. Zimbra company was purchased by Yahoo! in September 2007and subsequently acquired by VMware on January 12, 2010.

Zimbra Hosting India consist of both the version client component and server component, you can have the individual accounts for each email ID and you can manage all the things from the admin panel and put various kind of permission of accessibility to your users. As you know Zimbra is Collaboration Suite application means not only the mailing interface but rather than this you can have Document Management system, Task management system, Calendaring management system with distribution management system through which you can share any document, tasks or calendar into the group or groups. ZCS Web Client is a full-featured collaboration suite that supports email, group calendars and document sharing using an Ajax web interface that enables tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI.

We any corporate look for a solution which gives a platform which will be hacking proof and anti spamming system.  So as per Zimbra security feature is concerned it’s having the best of ever Antivirus and Antispamming system integrated and you don’t have to install any antivirus software except Zimbra because it’s already having preinstalled antispam and antivirus protection system integrated. The Zimbra Email Hosting server comes embedded with ClamAV, the award-winning open source AV system. It is deployed as an extension of our Postfix MTA. If we look into key security of Zimbra than it’s having Network privacy and server authentication, Client authentication token required, End-to-end data encryption.

As per this Email and collaboration system advance feature is concerned than you will feel happy to know that this is completely developed on AJAX based platform which not load the complete application time to time but only work on that frame which are needed to update. On Zimbra Dedicated Servers hosting space both client side and server side module installation take place and only need to buy a Dedicated Servers Hosting solution in which you can create unlimited number of accounts for your corporate.

If you are looking for a great Email and collaboration suite than don’t look for other options go for Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

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