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By admin Thursday, February 11th, 2010

If you are looking for your online business than you have to create an effective and user friendly website which will not be a simple website but it has to be SEO friendly website which can easily optimized and get crawled by search engines. There are many Open source platform are available in market to develop the website in very short frame of time but for online marketing purpose WordPress is a great platform of choice, you can create a website without a budget and hiring someone, WordPress offers the cheapest and most versatile option.

Developing you website is not a main concern but it’s support is also a challenge. WordPress hosting is not supported by every hosting company. After development of your project you have to find a good WordPress Hosting Provider which will not provide you to host the application but its support is also a concern. For those people who have very tight budget can explore hosting website at WordPress which is the best option, as there is no cash required, not much technical skills required and being hosted on the WordPress website you can presume it is in safe hands and would be very secure.
WordPress web hosting is not only support to host your website but it also allows you access to install huge range of plug-ins, opportunities to add components and function to your web blog. WordPress Hosting contains very powerful server configuration which will able to support all your plug-ins to add almost anything you can come up with to your blog. As mentioned, be very sure to get a web host that will provide WordPress auto-installation so you don’t have to go thru the hassles of manual installation.
WordPress hosting can give you a great platform for your business if you have a good hosting provider, which can give you a trust worthy solution. WordPress hosting is not an only constraint but migration of your hosting account from another vendor to a new vendor is also a big scope of work. So find a host which will be capable to move your website from other hosting provider to new service provider free of cost and they can give you a full support while migration of your website.

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Open Source Hosting Launched

By admin Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The world of open source is amazing, Open source application is the back bone of today’s web. The majority of Internet servers run Linux, Apache, mySQL, and php, which is the foundation upon which these amazing open source software systems use to run.
We all know that every web application or website is now creating on open source environment and after completion you need to host your application to run your website or application worldwide.
So we know how important is to support all the open source application in a hosted environment. We are pleased to inform you that we launched open source web Hosting in India with full support for open source application. All the open source software we support like mambo, wordpress, wordpressIndia
(in Hindi), Joomla, moodle, phpbb and many more. So we launched Open source server with fully supported hosting environment for open source world.

Powerful systems require knowledge and expertise.
Unlike apoto, very few hosting providers focus so tightly on any one market. This laser-like focus allows us to be experts in our chosen field. So we analyzed the customer requirement and value for money.

Now you are free to host any open source website or application with full support of applications. Opting these cutting edge technologies in the competitive era imparts long lasting effects on website in terms of utilization of open source and support. We have observed that most of the companies only showing at their website that “we provide open source hosting” but they are not able to provide a trustworthy support to their customers. We don’t say we are expertise, but let the customer say that apoto is expertise in the hosting field, if they don’t say that we can’t support this than we will refund 100% money back within 30 days time period, this period we defined for customer satisfaction and for full testing. So this is our strength that we can give full support and satisfaction to our customer and we are always with you…
If you have questions you can contact us through this Form.

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