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Managed Hosting VS Un-managed Hosting: Which One is Best for Your Business

By manish Friday, May 31st, 2013

Looking for a hosting space ? you must know about some of the technical stuff i.e. Managed Hosting and Un-managed Hosting because people are selling packages with these type of solution and most of the time customers don’t understand what are they and what exactly customer will get. So this blog will share you some of the elements of managed and un-managed solution which will help you to find out the best hosting solution according to your requirement and budget.

Managed Hosting:

Managed servers are hosted and run by the web hosting company who set up your server and install the needed software. If your server goes to offline, your website apprehensions a nasty virus, or you need to restart, your web host will take care of all these issues and get the server back online as the host is responsible for all necessary maintenance, updates, software installation of your server’s day-to-day management. You will pay more for a managed hosting than you would for an unmanaged hosting

Unmanaged Hosting:

Generally, unmanaged hosting is for those businesses who have the knowledgeable and experienced IT personnel required to run a server. In unmanaged hosting, the web host only sets up the server and install operating software and then handover it to the client, who will be installed and configure the mandatory software. It will be the client responsibility to maintain, upgrade, and fix all software related errors to keep the server up to date. The web host is responsible only for the physical server and ensuring a permanent availability.

Pros and Cons of Managed Hosting


  • One of the major benefits of managed hosting is that customers are effectively provided their own portion of a server. This allows users to upload any additional software to choose more advanced options or features when operating an account. The content of your site will load faster that people will spend more time on your website.
  • If any issue arises, then you will have someone (web host) to solve. Your confidential information, including your website content will be secure, and you don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities, malware or other security issues. In managed hosting, your data will be backed up regularly to make sure that you don’t lose it, even in case of any crashes.
  • Managed hosting is easy migration of servers as well as customization of both software and hardware.


  • It is not executable for small businesses due to its high maintenance cost as compare to unmanaged hosting
  • All the software and hardware decisions are taken by the web host, and users have less control over the server.
  • Initial setup will take more time

Pros and Cons of Un-Managed Hosting


  • The first benefit of unmanaged hosting is the full administrative power that it provides in terms of software installation, bandwidth, memory, usage, and storage space.
  • It is low cost hosting in comparison to managed. The web hosting company installs the server for you and after that it’s your responsibility to manage and update it.
  • It is more feasible, and you can make any modifications like installing any software or application to the server to the server to increase its performance. You don’t need to take advice from your web host, if you have full knowledge on how to work on a server.


  • Serve can develop kinks that are very hard to remove if operated by inexperienced users. Lack of experience can also increase repairing cost.
  • No technical support will be provided by the web host.
  • Full handling load can affect other core business activities.

With the help of these pros and cons, you will understand which type of Web hosting server will be best for your company. Take all the points into consideration before making a choice of the two. Remember, if you do not have knowledge or experience as well as enough time to do all the monitoring, then opt managed web hosting services.

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Why Web Hosting Security is Essential for websites ?

By manish Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

In 2011, a huge breach affected more than 75 million user account of an online video game network of Sony. It is one of the most damaging and hurting Internet security break-ins till now. This incident led to theft of addresses, credit card data and personal income and identities, as a result the share price (approx 3.7 %) of Sony went down in the stock market due to lack of investor confidence. This is a strong reminder for those people who are thinking to put their business online that website hosting security is very important, and should be considered and widely discussed before opening online business.

We know that the Internet has crossed its boundaries all around the world, and web hosting lets organizations and people (especially business man and entrepreneur) make their website usable through the World-Wide-Web. The providers of web hosting service provide internet connectivity and server space to the user. There are different types of Web hosting services India such as shared Web hosting, Reseller Web hosting, free Web hosting, PS (virtual private server) hosting, free Web hosting, etc.

Why need web hosting security: We know that every website carries much confidential and important information & data. Therefore, it is very significant for every single web hosting company to keep a strong security because unauthorized access can hack your confidential information like password, login ID, debit or credit card, etc. If it happened, then it will not only harm your company brand but also your personal image by distributing false information. That’s why; you need a best web hosting security provider.

For making strong web hosting security, you can consider the following things:

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): It is more secure and effective variation of FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and you may be familiar with FTP if you have uploaded files to your hosting account ever. In FTP, you drag your files to where you want to upload them, and will publish in account. SFTP is also the same concept, but provides an additional protection layer that secures your files in transit with Secure Shell Host (SSH). Secure Shell Host is a protocol that protects your data while transferring.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Essential for every website, particularly an E-commerce website that sells products and services. SSL gives an encrypted path between the web server and browser, and helps in keeping confidential information’s absolutely private like name, bank account, credit and debit card data, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Remember, if you are running an E-commerce site, then an SSL certificate is must be required. Secure Sockets Layer provides high level best security, which ensures your online customers can make online transactions without any worry.

Data Backup: It is necessary for a web hosting company who wants to prevent their data loss in case of server hacking. A small technical difficulty or natural disaster can wash both your server and website data. So, save your data in case it is infected with a virus attack or hacked by a hacker.

Change Password: Whenever, the account holder makes new update or upload software, he / she must change the password. A message will be sent to the site owner regarding the change the password, if any website becomes a vulnerable site.

Conclusion: Web Hosting Security is very vital for both hosting provider and user, and if they don’t take the best precautions against malicious efforts, then they can lose their critical information and data. If you are a Web Hosting provider then web servers should be encrypted with SSL Certi

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WordPress Hosting Security checklist for 2013

By manish Monday, April 29th, 2013

As wordpress development is getting popularity day by day and many CMS are now developing under WordPress open source application. WordPress is an awesome application and it’s SEO friendly and more user friendly as well to manage the website pages, plugins and many more. As you all know WordPress CMS is Open source application and as it’s open source so anyone can download it for free and start developing the content management website for free and having almost free millions of API are available for this great wordpress application.

As to start a new business website with WordPress is good for you but a secure website hosting is also important, If you are finding a perfect solutions for your website development than a good and secure web hosting is also mandatory for your data security. As you might aware that these days wordpress website hacking is on Red zone and need to get precaution to get your data secure.

As we are premium WordPress Hosting provider in India and we are hosting more than 20,000 WordPress site and we also want to let the user aware about the best possible backup plan to secure your valuable data.

We are here giving some of the best possible options and checklist for your wordpress Hosting security:-

  • Update and upgrade your wordpress installation and all installed plugins
  • Install the security plugin listed here
  • Ensure that your admin password is secure and preferably randomly generated
  • Other ways of Hardening a WordPress installation are shared at
  • Disable DROP command for the DB_USER .This is never commonly needed for any purpose in a wordpress setup
  • Remove README and license files (important) since this exposes version information
  • Move wp-config.php to one directory level up, and change its permission to 400
  • Prevent world reading of the htaccess file
  • Restrict access to wp-admin only to specific IPs

Your website is a critical element of your brand and business presence. Of course it should have a professional design, content and functionality, but it’s also possible to have a secure web hosting services provider which ensure the above checklist and having the precautions to secure any company valuable data.


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Is your web hosting plan saying good bye to your website visitors?

By manish Friday, October 5th, 2012

Are you running your online business but not getting any improvement on leads or business through website?  If the website is not quite comfortably deal with the online viewers you may have stable business or also may have chance to reduce your existing customers towards your competitors. Researching is a best way to understand what customer you’re exactly loosing for your website and what factors should get improved quickly.  Sometimes poor web hosting service may harm your reputation among your existing customers or it would be a wrong first impression among new visitors at your site. Sadly In case of new visits find the problem with site may leave it for all time and would not love to click on that link again.  I let you know the top things which cannot be ignored from your web host provider on their plans and in case you are not getting such services then it’s a higher risk taken by for your brand value.

First and most important feature is always-accessible website for your visitors –

Accessibility - A web hosting Services provider should take care of 24/7 accessibility with high speed connectivity on their plans that means never not available massage for visitors. If the site available but its take too much time to get load then there is higher chance to lose that particular visits from your site and increase bounce rate and still you are losing customer trust.

Support - Every buddy care about support just imagine that you are buying some good on website and all a sudden you lost the connection between sales department where you getting online chat on regarding products. Same thing may happen with your site so what kind of support is available from your website hosting plan. Is it really that services you are getting from your hosting provider or its just fake words used by them.

Adequate Email – Many of hosting company do not include email hosting services on their web hosting plan or if few company use it but apply condition with a few amount of account creation. I think it will be better to go with hosting plan where you may get unlimited web hosting creation from your domain name like , and etc.

Technology – What kind of feature and technologies you are getting in hosting plan. Is it latest to employ with your visitors. If your competitor having better technologies then there is higher chance that you may lose your particular visitors. Are you getting services which are common like Control panel, unlimited sub-domains creation facility, various scripting language support.


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Data security with reliable web hosting

By manish Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Security is one of the most important factors between the hosting features that can be placed at top priority. The majority of internet hackers are increasing and most of the hacker does steel data because of unsecure webs hosting. It’s a really serious matter that can harm your brand value and lots of trusted visitors may leave your website. The fact is that there are multiple websites do host on the same server that create big compromises of security. Hacker may take the advantage of this situation and your all website can abuse to your customers. Hosting company may offer you different prices for website hosting but generally they don’t make you aware all the right truth behind the data security because using the same server this mean sharing hard disk space and CPU processing. In unwanted situation like crashing a webmaster may lose complete data.

Reliable hosting providers take care of the customers need and determine your Website requirements and support the software technology to your website such as the PHP or MySQL and provide you 100% uptime which creates a fast platform for your website so visitors may experience high-speed web surfing at your website. At Apoto we have intimated failover technology which ensures the multiple servers can perform two times better in comparison of general hosting setup. Look here that how exactly failover technology works to give better performance. Generally we suggest a dedicated server Hosting for big sites or those receiving huge amount of traffic at their websites because a dedicated hosting is 100% secure and also ensure unlimited things at website which is a big trouble in shared hosting. First, all your Web pages will be hosted on a single server. This is an advantage, as your web pages will run fast and secure environment. There is another truth that everyone can not afford dedicated server so almost mid Size Company go with shared hosting which is really affordable in comparison of any kind of Web hosting Services. We also have our own data center which is fully switched, with multiple redundant routers, and multiple connections to different ISPs, allowing us to provide absolute availability of the network with no down time.

Our Data center and Security which is Implemented:-

• Security for safeguarding your site and data

• Power to maximize your connectivity and up-time

• Fire Protection

• Air Conditioning

• Unparalleled customer service support for fast problem resolution

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