Merry Christmas To All From Apoto Hosting

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Let us see what is Cloud Computing or Cloud Hosting

By admin Wednesday, July 8th, 2009


You may have already heard of cloud computing; but the question is, do you really know what it means?
If not so let us see what the concept of Cloud is hosting follows. Cloud Hosting or Cloud Computing is a computation or storage service that’s supported by a pool of distributed computing resources. But before attempting to grasp the concept of cloud hosting, it first helps to know a bit about cloud computing. Cloud computing is a form of computing where resources are provided as a service over the internet.

This type of hosting service allows you to upload your web applications and associated data to the hosting service. The web application is ‘distributed’ across a cluster of servers and all application run through all cluster servers and each server has different task. Enabling sharing and management services to large amounts of distributed data, representing the ultimate in scalability for unpredictable demands. Handling Security, backup, proper functionality depends on the cloud hosting servers and it benefits to the user to depend on a single server, it takes regular backups of your data and always synchronizes to cloud hosting servers and always communicates with all servers through the help of specified algorithm and protocols.

So who uses such services, and could they be right for you? Cloud hosting is ideal for web developers who need a reliable platform for applications, but who would rather not meddle in the technological aspect of the operations. Thus, the service gives developers more room and flexibility to practice innovation, rather than having to worry about web servers. So cloud hosting or cloud computing is basically designed to be a scalable environment for resource intensive application development.

For every organization data is the most important thing and every organization should take care of it by giving the high priority, if any company loss their important data so it can cost company millions of dollar and will also can face response of their customer base. Therefore companies need to make use of recovery solutions to safeguard their company’s reputation.

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