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Data security with reliable web hosting

By manish Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Security is one of the most important factors between the hosting features that can be placed at top priority. The majority of internet hackers are increasing and most of the hacker does steel data because of unsecure webs hosting. It’s a really serious matter that can harm your brand value and lots of trusted visitors may leave your website. The fact is that there are multiple websites do host on the same server that create big compromises of security. Hacker may take the advantage of this situation and your all website can abuse to your customers. Hosting company may offer you different prices for website hosting but generally they don’t make you aware all the right truth behind the data security because using the same server this mean sharing hard disk space and CPU processing. In unwanted situation like crashing a webmaster may lose complete data.

Reliable hosting providers take care of the customers need and determine your Website requirements and support the software technology to your website such as the PHP or MySQL and provide you 100% uptime which creates a fast platform for your website so visitors may experience high-speed web surfing at your website. At Apoto we have intimated failover technology which ensures the multiple servers can perform two times better in comparison of general hosting setup. Look here that how exactly failover technology works to give better performance. Generally we suggest a dedicated server Hosting for big sites or those receiving huge amount of traffic at their websites because a dedicated hosting is 100% secure and also ensure unlimited things at website which is a big trouble in shared hosting. First, all your Web pages will be hosted on a single server. This is an advantage, as your web pages will run fast and secure environment. There is another truth that everyone can not afford dedicated server so almost mid Size Company go with shared hosting which is really affordable in comparison of any kind of Web hosting Services. We also have our own data center which is fully switched, with multiple redundant routers, and multiple connections to different ISPs, allowing us to provide absolute availability of the network with no down time.

Our Data center and Security which is Implemented:-

• Security for safeguarding your site and data

• Power to maximize your connectivity and up-time

• Fire Protection

• Air Conditioning

• Unparalleled customer service support for fast problem resolution

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Disaster Management and Data Recovery

By admin Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Disaster Management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. Too many organizations have been unprepared when the unexpected happens. So every organization is to deal with potential disasters because disasters can loss of:

• Data
• Custom Applications
• Business Continuity
• Customer Trust
• Reliability

Disasters affect your revenue, not just because of what needs to be spent to get back online, but also how much you are losing during the downtime.

What to do?
Data for every organization is the main assets and every organization spends lot of money in security or avoiding data confidentiality. So this is the biggest threat for every organization so to avoid this we should have a perfect plan. Web Hosting organizations should take backup’s of data, stored either on a hard disk or a removable tape. Having backups available can help you restore from relatively common disasters such as hard drive failure, file corruption, and accidental deletion.
Removing backup tapes from the data center and into a secure offsite facility helps to protect your data against less likely larger-scale disasters such as flood and fire. So every organization should follow these kinds of precautions and they can serve their customers in healthy manners and it will also increase customer trust and goodwill for you .

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Match your Custom requirement with VPS hosting server

By admin Friday, November 6th, 2009

What is VPS and what does it mean? This abbreviation denotes a virtual private server. As you might know, the server is just a computer connected to the network, and it’s where your website or files are located. In recent business scenario all companies and corporate is looking for a good, customized and a cheaper dedicated solution. For custom program and a better testing environment you required a dedicated platform but you have to also look at your pocket budget that may not allow you to expense a heavy amount as recurring charges. That is why one real server can be shared between several users in a way that each of them has their own independent virtual server, which can be used, for example, for website hosting.

VPS hosting is a solution in which a server and their resources divided into some independent users, so you can say this is the middle level solution and stands between Dedicated Server hosting and shared hosting. VPS hosting is extremely popular at the moment since it has the best advantages of shared hosting, such as low price, and of dedicated servers, which are used by single client only and thus provide high level of service. VPS hosting offers can be roughly divided into managed hosting, unmanaged and unmetered hosting.

Managed hosting can be more expensive than other types of VPS, but it has some undeniable advantages, too. Highly skilled system administrators will be looking after your server 24/7 and solve the problems quickly. Your server will be connected to a high-speed Internet line with the capacity of over a hundred gigabits per second via the largest telecommunications companies.

VPS Web Hosting Plans:

Virtual Servers are ideal for those looking to step up from a reseller account, or for those that require more control & flexibility. Your Virtual Server will run in an isolated environment. You can install your own server applications and run the software you want.

Your Virtual Server will come with its own allocation of dedicated resources. A dedicated amount of RAM and CPU will assigned to your Virtual Server allowing you to run high resource applications that would otherwise not be suitable in a shared environment.

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Understanding the mystery of Virtual Private server (VPS Hosting)

By admin Monday, July 6th, 2009

So what is a virtual private server?

A VPS simply put is, a server that runs inside another server, it is more than a shared server and less than a dedicated server, the main goal of a virtual server is to provide a individual platform in a cheaper cost by segmenting the resource into few peoples.
A VPS does not share applications or services with other private servers, nor do they share the same file system. Private Servers are invisible to each other and do not share processes. Every VPS server will get an individual platform with specified facilities of RAM, Bandwidth, Dedicated IP, dedicated hard drive space etc.

What do you get in VPS server?
Root access to individual private servers: This allows you to run your own applications and fully manage your private server as you would on a dedicated server. So the main advantage for VPS for user that they can install anything on the server as per their requirement with having full permission.
Enhanced Security: Private servers do not share disk space, TCP/IP stacks or processes so your data will be more secure and protected.

Why do you need it?
As per my point of view user needs their own permission to install applications and scripts on the server but they are not will to pay for a dedicated server. If anyone required 30-40GB hard disk space with full control of server at cheaper cost than VPS server is a great solution for them. So we think bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting giving independence platform. So we would suggest that this is a great solution for small and medium level enterprise.

How does it Work?

A number of virtualization technologies make Virtual Private Servers possible: there are commercial companies, such as VMware, and Microsoft’s own Virtual PC, Open Source offerings such as User Mode Linux, QEMU, and more recently XEN. By using this software’s the resources can be segmented and can create a virtualized environment.

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