Data security with reliable web hosting

Security is one of the most important factors between the hosting features that can be placed at top priority. The majority of internet hackers are increasing and most of the hacker does steel data because of unsecure webs hosting. It’s a really serious matter that can harm your brand value and lots of trusted visitors may leave your website. The fact is that there are multiple websites do host on the same server that create big compromises of security. Hacker may take the advantage of this situation and your all website can abuse to your customers. Hosting company may offer you different prices for website hosting but generally they don’t make you aware all the right truth behind the data security because using the same server this mean sharing hard disk space and CPU processing. In unwanted situation like crashing a webmaster may lose complete data.

Reliable hosting providers take care of the customers need and determine your Website requirements and support the software technology to your website such as the PHP or MySQL and provide you 100% uptime which creates a fast platform for your website so visitors may experience high-speed web surfing at your website. At Apoto we have intimated failover technology which ensures the multiple servers can perform two times better in comparison of general hosting setup. Look here that how exactly failover technology works to give better performance. Generally we suggest a dedicated server Hosting for big sites or those receiving huge amount of traffic at their websites because a dedicated hosting is 100% secure and also ensure unlimited things at website which is a big trouble in shared hosting. First, all your Web pages will be hosted on a single server. This is an advantage, as your web pages will run fast and secure environment. There is another truth that everyone can not afford dedicated server so almost mid Size Company go with shared hosting which is really affordable in comparison of any kind of Web hosting Services. We also have our own data center which is fully switched, with multiple redundant routers, and multiple connections to different ISPs, allowing us to provide absolute availability of the network with no down time.

Our Data center and Security which is Implemented:-

• Security for safeguarding your site and data

• Power to maximize your connectivity and up-time

• Fire Protection

• Air Conditioning

• Unparalleled customer service support for fast problem resolution

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