Do you need a Dedicated Server?

If you are looking for a space to host your website so you have only two options i.e. Shared Hosting and Dedicated server hosting.

Shared servers always are a cheaper option to host your websites. They usually require a lower level of technical skills too, because the host does most of the server administration. At initial stage or for smaller companies this would be a great option to choose. While shared servers are the most cost-effective option for small web-sites, they are not necessarily a good option for large, “mission-critical” or high-traffic web-sites. For these a dedicated server may well be necessary.

Dedicated servers are more expensive to rent than shared servers, and they also require a higher level of technical skill to operate. In shared hosting you will feel some restriction as compare with dedicated server hosting. Some Flexibility with dedicated servers are as follows:-

Flexibility and Software
With shared servers, you will have limited access to the operating system, and software applications will be limited to those, which are provided by the host. If you required installing your own script or software on the server it won’t be possible in shared Hosting.

As your site grows, your traffic grows and your applications become more demanding, you will need to upgrade your server. If you are using a shared server, your upgrade options will be limited. Your host will usually allow you to increase the amount of disk space available to your site — but that is all. You will not be able to upgrade your hardware resources.

Information on a shared server is likely to be less secure than information on a dedicated server. A dedicated server can also be provided with its own firewall. If you are storing highly sensitive information on your server, this increased security will obviously be a high priority.

So both options are good as per your requirement and what resources your sites required. So before hosting your site or application you needs to analyze how much resources and hardware resource it requires.

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    Dedicated server solutions are essential for every organization. i impress with this article ,

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