Zimbra Recorded more paid mail boxes than GMAIL

It’s impressive to be able to give away 31.2 million free Gmail accounts, as Google has. It’s even more impressive to get customers to pay for 40 million mailboxes, as Zimbra reported recently. Zimbra Email Server  is the most powerful emailing tools which is not only dependent on the emailing solution but having various modules collaborations. Do you know that Zimbra is now ahead of Gmail in unique mailboxes and only slightly behind Microsoft’s Hotmail service. ZCS has the feature that a perfect mailing solution should have. Mail scheduling and SMS calendar reminders provide additional ways to manage your inbox and calendar. Except this zimbra  have also been a number of improvements at administrator end like role-based management system and blackberry mail configuration.

Zimbra having more features than Gmail. Zimbra includes a calendaring application, tasks, the social networking features, and “Zimlets” which are basically widgets. Of course, Gmail integrates Google Calendar, and you can run a task widget in Gmail too — though it’s decidedly inferior to Zimbra’s because it’s having calendaring with distribution system which can be distributed in a group or multiple groups.

Zimbra has had an interesting few years, being bought firstly by Yahoo and then by VMware. we suspect that it’s in the right hands now, and the next release is likely to be much more interesting. VMWARE released that they are going to launch some new features and integrate with Zimbra, and it’s guarantee that if anyone or any corporate is looking for Email Server than they will only think for Zimbra Email Hosting and it will be a perfect solution for mail management. If you are looking for Email Hosting Solution than we recommend to go with Zimbra only and we are sure that if you use it you would love it.

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