Difference between Zimbra hosting and Google Apps

One of the questions that always revolves in the mind of the people regarding the choice of Zimbra hosting and Google Apps has made us forced to highlight all the major point of difference both software’s.  From the below distinction between both the email software, you will get some relieve in your queries:

Zimbra Hosting Advantages

Zimbra is considered as a step ahead due to drag and drop email, email message threading in a hierarchical format, calendar and contact. All these functions allow the user in saving both of its efforts as well as time, and utilizing them towards handling and executing its organizations work in an efficient manner. Due to it’s AJAX based interface Zimbra make difference from other mailing solutions applications.

Zimbra is a free open source. Users can use it even in the offline mode, meaning thereby, you can easily use this software even in the absence of your Internet connection. It is flexible too; it can be easily adjusted with MS Outlook with which it becomes easy for the users to import their mails, folders, etc. Web browser based tools are supplied to Zimbra by Yahoo!

Zimbra hosting solution has a good connectivity with Black Berry Server (BES), iphone, and also with window based Smartphones whereas the connectivity of Google Apps is only with the prominent web browsers.

In case, of deleted or unstored message 48-days time period is always offered to the user to restore its messages, if desired. The comfort of restoring deleted files is missing in Google Apps.

Maximum attachments of messages with Zimbra is up to 50 which is comparatively much more in comparison to the Google Apps i.e. 20. Zimbra offers hundred percent satisfaction guarantee whereas is missing in Google Apps.

Google Apps Advantages

One of the biggest advantage of using Google Apps is that it is easy to deploy meaning thereby you don’t need any software to install it nor any hardware to be buy, simply validate your MX records and create your accounts to start with Google Apps.

Also, you will attain a higher level of privacy with Google apps. It works as an important tool in protecting your business information.  Dozens of important security features are included in Google apps, especially designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control secure and safe. Their data centers will offer you highly exceptional security with 24x7x365 reliable access of your data.


It is true that most of the business owners prefer to go with Zimbra hosting services more in comparison to the Google Apps, obviously it is due to the more compatibility and better feature over the Google Apps. Zimbra is recognized as one of the most ideal solution for the businesses with the requirement of business webmail server supporting vast mail traffic in a secure way. Good from the point of maintaining privacy of the company.

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