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Email is a system which is used for every person in today’s life and this is not a choice but way of life to communicate and knowledge sharing, so we can say email is a necessity for everyone. If you are using emails for your conversation, business purpose or some idea sharing and with this you are also getting some useless mails with some stupid mail content that can frustrate you and also this can effect to your inbox. So we know the pains and problem for a user and at apoto we have a dedicated team for email spam management, which works dedicatedly on identifying spam and ensuring that your mailbox has a good percentage (upto 90%) of valid e-mails.

Procedure we follow to block spam

We continuously work hard with our dedicated experts of email spam management; we have put together a state of the art e-mail spam filtering algorithms. We have built up a 3 tier spam filtering system which promises to keep unwanted e-mails out of your inbox.

The retired spam filtering system works at three different layers:

a) Email Virus Filtering with updated virus database

b) Spam Identification through various spam filters

c) Advanced filters for identifying unwanted e-mails

Apart from this we also give the users to train their inbox, via a Web-based control panel from where they can create their own white-lists and blacklists to ovoid spam.

How Does this System Work?

As the spam filter analyzes messages, it calculates a score based on established server-side pre-configured rules.  The rules are applied to a message and a score is assigned based on the number of rules that match the message. A Realtime Block List  (RBL) and various other “black hole” lists are also checked  by the spam filter. (These are sites that keep track of spam and the various places spam comes from.) A score is applied if a message comes from an RBL list.  The message’s final score is the sum of the scores from each rule that matches the message.

If you are looking for a hosting company that can deliver an efficient e-mail system so apoto promises to give you one of the best spam management.


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