Open Source Hosting Launched

The world of open source is amazing, Open source application is the back bone of today’s web. The majority of Internet servers run Linux, Apache, mySQL, and php, which is the foundation upon which these amazing open source software systems use to run.
We all know that every web application or website is now creating on open source environment and after completion you need to host your application to run your website or application worldwide.
So we know how important is to support all the open source application in a hosted environment. We are pleased to inform you that we launched open source web Hosting in India with full support for open source application. All the open source software we support like mambo, wordpress, wordpressIndia
(in Hindi), Joomla, moodle, phpbb and many more. So we launched Open source server with fully supported hosting environment for open source world.

Powerful systems require knowledge and expertise.
Unlike apoto, very few hosting providers focus so tightly on any one market. This laser-like focus allows us to be experts in our chosen field. So we analyzed the customer requirement and value for money.

Now you are free to host any open source website or application with full support of applications. Opting these cutting edge technologies in the competitive era imparts long lasting effects on website in terms of utilization of open source and support. We have observed that most of the companies only showing at their website that “we provide open source hosting” but they are not able to provide a trustworthy support to their customers. We don’t say we are expertise, but let the customer say that apoto is expertise in the hosting field, if they don’t say that we can’t support this than we will refund 100% money back within 30 days time period, this period we defined for customer satisfaction and for full testing. So this is our strength that we can give full support and satisfaction to our customer and we are always with you…
If you have questions you can contact us through this Form.

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