How To Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Store Safe And Secured [Infographic]

Without doubt, Magento is one of the  great website managing software portals for creating beautiful websites, particularly those that handle eCommerce. Today, it has the largest market share (about 23.4%) in the ecommerce software industry which makes Magento a target for hackers. However, Tim Robertshaw’s e-Commerce Survey reported says a 26.0% share for Magento after studying more than  50,0000 e-commerce sites inside the Alexa Top 1 Million, and this provides this   platform the largest size of the e-commerce pie.



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With cyber crime on a big rise today,  people don’t want  their online store to provide any loopholes that may  let them to creep in. Hankers can damage your website once they enter your store, and with that the whole database of your customers so magnificently built. Besides, it is also important that you know how to keep your Magento designed website secure.  Also, if you are on the way to developing an eCommerce site,  then keep these things in mind because it will make sure safety and security from the cyber criminals.

  • Upgrade Magento to the Latest Version
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Set a custom path for the admin panel
  • Get encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Use Secure FTP
  • Disable directory indexing
  • Choose a secure password
  • Delete e-mail loopholes
  • Go for A great web hosting plan
  • Prevent MySQL injection
  • Get in touch with the Magento Community
  • Get a Magento security review done

Aside from the above mentioned to keep your ecommerce store safe and secore, there are  many other tips  such as  using genuine Magento extensions,using quality antivirus software,  taking back up at regular intervals, get a Magento security review done, etc, to name a few. Ensure you follow these guidelines  in order to keep your  online store safe and secured from any illegal cyber activity or hire magento hosting.

in case your site is hacked? Most of the online stores tend to follow with security settings, but forget to have a backup plan. So, get your online provider to backup the data for you as this way you can prevent loss of important data.

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