Managed Hosting VS Un-managed Hosting: Which One is Best for Your Business

Looking for a hosting space ? you must know about some of the technical stuff i.e. Managed Hosting and Un-managed Hosting because people are selling packages with these type of solution and most of the time customers don’t understand what are they and what exactly customer will get. So this blog will share you some of the elements of managed and un-managed solution which will help you to find out the best hosting solution according to your requirement and budget.

Managed Hosting:

Managed servers are hosted and run by the web hosting company who set up your server and install the needed software. If your server goes to offline, your website apprehensions a nasty virus, or you need to restart, your web host will take care of all these issues and get the server back online as the host is responsible for all necessary maintenance, updates, software installation of your server’s day-to-day management. You will pay more for a managed hosting than you would for an unmanaged hosting

Unmanaged Hosting:

Generally, unmanaged hosting is for those businesses who have the knowledgeable and experienced IT personnel required to run a server. In unmanaged hosting, the web host only sets up the server and install operating software and then handover it to the client, who will be installed and configure the mandatory software. It will be the client responsibility to maintain, upgrade, and fix all software related errors to keep the server up to date. The web host is responsible only for the physical server and ensuring a permanent availability.

Pros and Cons of Managed Hosting


  • One of the major benefits of managed hosting is that customers are effectively provided their own portion of a server. This allows users to upload any additional software to choose more advanced options or features when operating an account. The content of your site will load faster that people will spend more time on your website.
  • If any issue arises, then you will have someone (web host) to solve. Your confidential information, including your website content will be secure, and you don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities, malware or other security issues. In managed hosting, your data will be backed up regularly to make sure that you don’t lose it, even in case of any crashes.
  • Managed hosting is easy migration of servers as well as customization of both software and hardware.


  • It is not executable for small businesses due to its high maintenance cost as compare to unmanaged hosting
  • All the software and hardware decisions are taken by the web host, and users have less control over the server.
  • Initial setup will take more time

Pros and Cons of Un-Managed Hosting


  • The first benefit of unmanaged hosting is the full administrative power that it provides in terms of software installation, bandwidth, memory, usage, and storage space.
  • It is low cost hosting in comparison to managed. The web hosting company installs the server for you and after that it’s your responsibility to manage and update it.
  • It is more feasible, and you can make any modifications like installing any software or application to the server to the server to increase its performance. You don’t need to take advice from your web host, if you have full knowledge on how to work on a server.


  • Serve can develop kinks that are very hard to remove if operated by inexperienced users. Lack of experience can also increase repairing cost.
  • No technical support will be provided by the web host.
  • Full handling load can affect other core business activities.

With the help of these pros and cons, you will understand which type of Web hosting server will be best for your company. Take all the points into consideration before making a choice of the two. Remember, if you do not have knowledge or experience as well as enough time to do all the monitoring, then opt managed web hosting services.

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