Pros and Cons of Shared hosting Services

Pros and cons are two faces of a coin, just similar to it shared hosting as well as its own pros and cons/ merits or demerits. Generally, people search for best hosting feature and many people advice them to go with shared hosting. It’s not worthless but there are few things that should be kept in mind before going with shared hosting. I found that most of the people are aware on few advantages of shared hosting like cost effective, best for midsize company and so on but confused regarding the cons of hosting service. By this blog, you will get clear guidelines about the Shared hosting including pros and cons. These days, Web Hosting services is the most preferred choice of various business owners among all hosting services.

What is Shared hosting?

Firstly, it should be clear in mind that what is really Shared hosting. In short, it is placing your web site on the internet with the help of a server and on the same server many web sites of different individuals are together placed. Your web site will share the same resources with other web sites placed on the similar server.

Advantages :-

One of the key benefit associated with Shared hosting is its low cost. Different web sites are placed on the same server sharing the same resources, and so the cost of hosting is shared by different website owners. This is the reason why shared hosting costs less than other hosting services. Shared hosting is good from the point of the organizations having small database and a low budget, so it proves beneficial for both small and medium size businesses as they have very small and limited budget and often their database is also small. As Web Hosting Services India based company we are hosting 20000+ domains with 100% retention of our customers.

Disadvantages :-

Businesses that uses shared hosting services has to share resources ( like, disc space, bandwidth, etc.) with every other website placed on the similar server this in turn results in lack of security. From security point shared hosting is regarded as less safe in comparison to Dedicated and VPS hosting. Even, your web site may suffer from the problem of downtime, like if any website takes more space than what is allotted, it will create a trouble for other websites placed on the same server.

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