6 Major Tips to reduce your Bandwidth and increase website efficiency

i) Use CSS Text Instead of Images

Images make your Web pages slower and consumes a lot of bandwidth of your server. Instead of using a background image, use the CSS code. For example if you want to use plain red background in your website then use CSS code background-color:#F00 instead of a red-bg.jpg. With CSS, you can set the background color or background image of any CSS element.

ii) Optimize your website images

Most of the bandwidth is utilized by web site images, so before uploading any image at you website optimize your images for the internet and shrink their sizes as well, never use bitmap files (.bmp) as they are HUGE (mostly in MBs). You should use jpeg (.jpg) or gif (.gif) files for images as these are optimized for the internet.

iii) Compress your CSS by shorthand CSS properties

CSS shorthand properties are great! They’re a great way to reduce the amount of code contained in a CSS document, allowing for faster download times and easier editing.

iv)  Remove Unnecessary HTML Code, Tags and White Spaces

Compress your page size by cutting extra white spaces in your HTML files, because every extra character means extra page size.

Wordoff is a simple and useful tool that lets you remove unnecessary tags and HTML code.

v) Use AJAX and Java Script Library

Ajax is a technology which communicated with your server without reloading the page. If you reload your page again and again that will use extra bandwidth and resources.

vi) Website Caching

Caching is a method of retrieving data from a ready storage (cache) instead of using resources to generate it every time the same information is needed. Enable caching on your website if it’s not dynamic, will allow the end users computer to read from your server once in a while, the rest of the times it will read from its own backup copies until they expire.

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