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Looking for the features of Shared hosting for your professional or personal website then you are at right place. In shared hosting your website is generally placed along with several other websites and every website has its own domain name. Shared hosting typically uses a web-based control panel system, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere or one of many other control panel products. Every user is allotted with some resources like, bandwidth, disc space, email accounts, and data transfer etc. Shared hosting well serves the requirements of small and medium size businesses as it is cost-effective reason.

Why to consider Shared hosting?

Cost-effective: Shared hosting services is comparatively much affordable than other hosting services. It is very much proffered by the business owners these days only due to its cost-effective feature. In shared hosting, by paying small you can avail the same benefits of other hosting services. So, isn’t it quite impressive that you can derive the same hosting features as that of dedicated hosting in small and affordable cost.

Considered for Small and medium scale business: It is considered good for small and medium size business, one is due to its low cost feature and other is due to the database. As both small and medium size businesses websites have small number of pages, so shared hosting is good for running small websites.

Maintenance cost: In shared hosting, you need not to worry about the maintenance cost as the cost of maintenance and upgrades on the server are incurred by the company itself. With this your work pressure also gets down.

Easily managed: For shared hosting, you need not to be technically sound as all the work related with the hosting is done by the trained and experienced staff.

Instant Set-up: In shared hosting, if you’re hosting service provider is having a fully automated infrastructure then chances it is possible that you can see your website working online within hours or even in few seconds. The fast set-up service can be only seen in shared hosting service, not in other hosting services.

Demerits of Shared hosting

Security: One of the major problem associated with shared hosting is that it is less secured as many websites are placed on the same server along with your website.

Limited resources: Another main hindrance in shared hosting is, if any website acquires more resources than what is allotted then it may result in causing problem to your website. For example, if any website acquires more space then other websites may slow down. Likewise, if any website is found in guilt of disturbing spam then it may block the entire websites.

Not considered for large business websites: Large businesses with vast number of web pages could not afford to go with shared hosting as it is not possible to manage large database in share hosting.

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