Complete Guide For Shared Web Hosting – How and Why?

Everyone have similar tendency to get best deal at lowest prices either they are looking for top quality. Let’s talk about web hosting that is first requirement to run website over internet and every business owner wishes that their website must run every time and customers feel a fast experience on their websites. It’s a mature thinking and must be first priority either one have options to go with its own dedicated server but it’s quit costly and recommended for big sites like ecommerce.  But if you have small website then it would be wasting of your money on dedicated server as experts always recommend going with shared server to tinny websites.

Few questions may arise in your mind like how shared server work? Why shared hosting cheap and is it really secure for my business site?

Firstly shared hosting is real common web hosting service but it’s quite more popular than other hosting types. As name is indicating “shared” that’s means multiple domains reside at one home but never interact with each others.  One server that would have all control to manage these website’s it will be treated like a user of main server.  Sometime it’s much beneficial for those who are not looking for manage server and control room for his website and they feel more relax by seeing his website and also get support services from users as per their requirements. Shared web hosting generally use a control panel system, such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, or one of many other control panel. Shared hosting can be consummate in two behaviors:

IP-based - IP-based hosting, also known as dedicated IP hosting, in this web server is configured with various physical network interfaces. The web server uses the different IP address to the every client in order to settle on which web site to show the user. Name-based – In name-based virtual hosting, also called shared IP hosting, the virtual hosts serve multiple hostnames on a single machine with a single IP address.

Name based - Name-based hosting, also called shared IP hosting, the hosts serve multiple hostnames on a single server with a single IP address. There are few disadvantages to use name based server like they can’t really support SSL certificates features

Shared servers are mostly based on the Linux operating systems because mostly C-Panel is made for Linux. But here you have options to go with window platform that is more flexible for users. The Plesk control panel, for instance, has two versions – for Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting.

Linux and window hosting prices

Secondly, providers are able to offer reasonable prices for shared hosting because one server will have many users and this type hosting going very competitive. This mean you have more chance to barging with host providers. One can get shared hosting service within Rs 999/- Year at any platform Linux or window. Previously there was small issue of security but now host providers are more advance to provide you security so security is not really big issue in shared hosting while you have options to go with dedicated server

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