Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting….

As a hosting provider always we discuss with client about the difference between windows Hosting and Linux Hosting, The user list is very enormous who can’t differentiate it and always trying to ask the difference and why should I move to Windows or Linux hosting. So I think, I have to post an article on this to make them aware about the differences.

You’ve come up with your web design and content. There’s just one more detail you have to take care of, even before choosing a hosting company. That’s deciding what kind of hosting you want. There are a number of aspects to this, but there are two options that stand out in stark contrast: Linux and Windows.You need to decide if you want to go with a Linux hosting company or Windows hosting company. However, you have no idea on how Linux and Windows hosting differ. Forget about research. It’s time consuming, and you just don’t have the time.

Both Linux and Windows have their strengths and weaknesses. They also have strong followers who swear their product is better than the other. Read and listen to what others have to say, but don’t be swayed by them. After all, they are just opinions.

Before choosing you hosting platform you have to evaluate your website requirement and how it would be compatible to host your file that will give you a effective and great performance. For example, will you want to build an online chat community on your website? If this is the case, look into Windows hosting, or if your programming is in Windows based platform than you should go for Microsoft platform i.e. windows hosting.

If you are looking for some blogging or a publishing platform such as WordPress….OR If you are creating your web application on PHP or mysql platform than the compatibility would be great and you should think about Linux hosting, Other areas you might be concerned about are security, stability, or performance.

As previously stated, Linux hosting and Windows hosting have their good and bad points. Don’t get bogged down by the details. Let this article be your guide. You’ll probably want to consult with your colleagues or read other materials, and then make your decision.


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6 Responses to “Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting….”

  1. Blog Hosts says:

    Linux combination according to your website`s development environment and tools implementation. Blog Hosts

  2. Well thats gud, but i am more comfortable with Windows hosting..

  3. Many claim that Linux hosting tends to be more secure than window hosting how true is this?
    Going by the numerous virus attacks that window software attracts, one will also want to know if files hosted on window environment will be susceptible to such. Thanks for sharing this information. Regards.

  4. Stan says:

    I will keep following your posts and I have bookmarked your site.

  5. Emil Vitera says:

    Have you ever had a few drinks before writing a post? “I hear” you are more open and say what’s really on your mind.

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