Why Web Hosting Security is Essential for websites ?

In 2011, a huge breach affected more than 75 million user account of an online video game network of Sony. It is one of the most damaging and hurting Internet security break-ins till now. This incident led to theft of addresses, credit card data and personal income and identities, as a result the share price (approx 3.7 %) of Sony went down in the stock market due to lack of investor confidence. This is a strong reminder for those people who are thinking to put their business online that website hosting security is very important, and should be considered and widely discussed before opening online business.

We know that the Internet has crossed its boundaries all around the world, and web hosting lets organizations and people (especially business man and entrepreneur) make their website usable through the World-Wide-Web. The providers of web hosting service provide internet connectivity and server space to the user. There are different types of Web hosting services India such as shared Web hosting, Reseller Web hosting, free Web hosting, PS (virtual private server) hosting, free Web hosting, etc.

Why need web hosting security: We know that every website carries much confidential and important information & data. Therefore, it is very significant for every single web hosting company to keep a strong security because unauthorized access can hack your confidential information like password, login ID, debit or credit card, etc. If it happened, then it will not only harm your company brand but also your personal image by distributing false information. That’s why; you need a best web hosting security provider.

For making strong web hosting security, you can consider the following things:

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP): It is more secure and effective variation of FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and you may be familiar with FTP if you have uploaded files to your hosting account ever. In FTP, you drag your files to where you want to upload them, and will publish in account. SFTP is also the same concept, but provides an additional protection layer that secures your files in transit with Secure Shell Host (SSH). Secure Shell Host is a protocol that protects your data while transferring.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Essential for every website, particularly an E-commerce website that sells products and services. SSL gives an encrypted path between the web server and browser, and helps in keeping confidential information’s absolutely private like name, bank account, credit and debit card data, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Remember, if you are running an E-commerce site, then an SSL certificate is must be required. Secure Sockets Layer provides high level best security, which ensures your online customers can make online transactions without any worry.

Data Backup: It is necessary for a web hosting company who wants to prevent their data loss in case of server hacking. A small technical difficulty or natural disaster can wash both your server and website data. So, save your data in case it is infected with a virus attack or hacked by a hacker.

Change Password: Whenever, the account holder makes new update or upload software, he / she must change the password. A message will be sent to the site owner regarding the change the password, if any website becomes a vulnerable site.

Conclusion: Web Hosting Security is very vital for both hosting provider and user, and if they don’t take the best precautions against malicious efforts, then they can lose their critical information and data. If you are a Web Hosting provider then web servers should be encrypted with SSL Certi

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