Domain Name Registration Tips For Indian

Domain Name Registration Tips For Indian Business Owner

By manish Thursday, November 19th, 2015


India is one of fastest growing country and day by day people adopting latest technology in their personal & professional life. New online stores and marketplace taking place in market to full fill our common needs, even today we don’t need to go market for buying vegetables. This giving lots of opportunities to new business as people are more excited to build their online stores and they need to know that World Wide Web technology working behind this concept as people need to register their own domain as a first step to build e-commerce business store. If you are also one of them who want to start their online business and need a domain name suggestion then you must read this blog today.

Domain name work as a mirror for your products and brand so it is very important to give enough time to optimize your domain name. Below we listing some tips by keeping Indian market in mind which should be taken care for every Indians before register their own domain -

Unique and Easy to remember

It is very important to understand your audience and their language to be connect with them easily. You domain name is clear message to your website visitors and helps to explain business goal. We have some domain examples in India which are really famous –,, all of mentioned URL seems to be easy to read and remember. Doing something unique and appreciable work require enough time to research. When you will make an insight research on your products and market then you would be able to extract few domain example.

Avoid number or Hyphens 

People generally think about using number or hyphen is good but this is not good practice for buying domain. Practically they look cheap and compromising within domain selection, also many spammers create keywords based domain by using hyphen or number to get quick ranking in search engine. That may increase a caution flag when reach out for links or citations.

Don’t ignore Extension 

If you are a local business owner and your products or services is limited to particular location like country, regional, language then going with specific domain extension is great option. Extension has unique quality to give clear idea to justify a website nature I.e- .edu (education), .gov (government website), .in (website from India) (website from United Kingdom) etc. It has been assume that people prefer to go with .com (Commercial), .org (Organization) and they avoid the power of extension. Brand marketers and SEO experts understand the value of a good domain name that’s why they are also looking towards new top level domain.

Short URLs Rule over Long URLs

Short URL is easier to keep remember in compare of long URL. It has been seen that people select keywords oriented URLs and add some trend words in URLs like which is completely not good practice in every cases. Lets try our domain search tool to find a relevant domain for your business.

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