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WordPress Hosting Security checklist for 2013

By manish Monday, April 29th, 2013

As wordpress development is getting popularity day by day and many CMS are now developing under WordPress open source application. WordPress is an awesome application and it’s SEO friendly and more user friendly as well to manage the website pages, plugins and many more. As you all know WordPress CMS is Open source application and as it’s open source so anyone can download it for free and start developing the content management website for free and having almost free millions of API are available for this great wordpress application.

As to start a new business website with WordPress is good for you but a secure website hosting is also important, If you are finding a perfect solutions for your website development than a good and secure web hosting is also mandatory for your data security. As you might aware that these days wordpress website hacking is on Red zone and need to get precaution to get your data secure.

As we are premium WordPress Hosting provider in India and we are hosting more than 20,000 WordPress site and we also want to let the user aware about the best possible backup plan to secure your valuable data.

We are here giving some of the best possible options and checklist for your wordpress Hosting security:-

  • Update and upgrade your wordpress installation and all installed plugins
  • Install the security plugin listed here
  • Ensure that your admin password is secure and preferably randomly generated
  • Other ways of Hardening a WordPress installation are shared at http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress
  • Disable DROP command for the DB_USER .This is never commonly needed for any purpose in a wordpress setup
  • Remove README and license files (important) since this exposes version information
  • Move wp-config.php to one directory level up, and change its permission to 400
  • Prevent world reading of the htaccess file
  • Restrict access to wp-admin only to specific IPs

Your website is a critical element of your brand and business presence. Of course it should have a professional design, content and functionality, but it’s also possible to have a secure web hosting services provider which ensure the above checklist and having the precautions to secure any company valuable data.


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Free Trial Hosting Account Launched by Apoto

By manish Thursday, April 19th, 2012

7-Day free trial of fully featured web hosting packages available from Apoto

Free 7 day trial, Apoto a great name in the hosting industry serving since 2008, has announced a 7-day trial on its hosting services.

“We understand Hosting is a critical business and Hosting support has to be the best without exception. With a view of considering neophytes or fresher’s in the hosting industry we have announced a 7-day free trial on our hosting plans. Now, with this offer of 7-day trial, you can first try and then go for its purchase. We are ahead with this free trial step” said by the marketing head of Apoto. For more information visit to http://www.apoto.com/members/cart.php?a=add&pid=34

Our 7-day trial pack is exclusively free and not having any hidden conditions. The user will have full control over its control panel. Their control panel with all the supported application enabled so that customer website can be checked and tested well and they can get the update what they are getting to run their application and website in smooth manner.

There are many hosting companies are available who claim to provide # 1 hosting services but how can a customer come to know that they are # 1, so finding it that you should firstly find the services, server speed features offering by the service provider. Generally people invest before and think after, suppose if customer already pay for hosting plan and then find that this service provider is not good and lots of features are not enable with this company so customer lost money and have to continue services for at least 1 year because many of the vendors charge for a complete year in shared hosting solutions.

We always think about customer benefits and pain and after looking into this major issues we launched 7 Days Free Trial to test business website and application, within this time frame customer can test it in better manner and come to a conclusion that they should go with Apoto or not. If you feel 100% satisfactory performance from our Hosting Services than go for our best offered packages for a Paid Version.


About Apoto:

Apoto is a well-known name in the Web Hosting Services India based company, always recognized for offering good and the most trusted services by its clients. They provide a fully-mechanized hosting solution for every small and medium size organizations. Their innovative ideas and working strategies, and their reliable, affordable hosting packages make them different from others. They offer their hosting services of Windows and Linux for Shared server, Dedicated server, Reseller, VPS servers and lots more. They guarantee you to provide 24×7 monitoring services. For more details about the company, visit to http://www.apoto.com/

Contact Us At:
Free Trial Sales support: sales@apoto.com
Contact No.: (+91) 120-4217201
Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm IST

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Pros and Cons of Shared hosting Services

By manish Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Pros and cons are two faces of a coin, just similar to it shared hosting as well as its own pros and cons/ merits or demerits. Generally, people search for best hosting feature and many people advice them to go with shared hosting. It’s not worthless but there are few things that should be kept in mind before going with shared hosting. I found that most of the people are aware on few advantages of shared hosting like cost effective, best for midsize company and so on but confused regarding the cons of hosting service. By this blog, you will get clear guidelines about the Shared hosting including pros and cons. These days, Web Hosting services is the most preferred choice of various business owners among all hosting services.

What is Shared hosting?

Firstly, it should be clear in mind that what is really Shared hosting. In short, it is placing your web site on the internet with the help of a server and on the same server many web sites of different individuals are together placed. Your web site will share the same resources with other web sites placed on the similar server.

Advantages :-

One of the key benefit associated with Shared hosting is its low cost. Different web sites are placed on the same server sharing the same resources, and so the cost of hosting is shared by different website owners. This is the reason why shared hosting costs less than other hosting services. Shared hosting is good from the point of the organizations having small database and a low budget, so it proves beneficial for both small and medium size businesses as they have very small and limited budget and often their database is also small. As Web Hosting Services India based company we are hosting 20000+ domains with 100% retention of our customers.

Disadvantages :-

Businesses that uses shared hosting services has to share resources ( like, disc space, bandwidth, etc.) with every other website placed on the similar server this in turn results in lack of security. From security point shared hosting is regarded as less safe in comparison to Dedicated and VPS hosting. Even, your web site may suffer from the problem of downtime, like if any website takes more space than what is allotted, it will create a trouble for other websites placed on the same server.

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Affordable Web Hosting Services From India

By admin Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The World Wide Web changed the scenario of business now the market globalized. The click becomes the solution of problems, want to search any institute, product or want to know about any company, you need to just type the name of the company name in Google. This part of technology attracts the number of business owners, now every small or large business has their own website. Having a website is the first step of entering into the global market. For visibility of the website on search engine you need web hosting service. A web hosting service is a type of internet service that allows to make own website accessible through www. Web hosting services India are being in the air and the reason behind this is the requirement of multiple websites over the web. More and more websites are being launched constantly and every website needs a host to go online and indulge in active business and trading. The fact of the matter is that the services are being sold well, full of quality and are done at highly affordable and cheap prices.

Web hosting India service providers help website administrators to set up secure servers. Secure servers ensure that websites will never have to worry about any sort of trespassing. One of the advantages of web hosting company in India is that it provides the end user with a provision of industrial strength web service. A virtual server is made available along with an associated internet domain to every user using the service.

Personal Web site hosting service is generally free or less expensive, but business Web hosting is costlier and requires expertise. The Web hosting service is generally offered as a part of the general Internet access plan. There are number of hosting services are offered in India some of them are  Shared hosting, Reseller Web hosting, Dedicated hosting, Home server hosting etc.

The quality of the Web hosting services India is based on a number of factors. The most important among them is the service uptime. The Web hosting service uptime refers to the percent of time the host is approachable to the Internet. Ideally a hosting provider should guarantee 99.99 percent uptime, meaning the hosting provider is reliable if they are able to meet this requirement.

While selecting the hosting service in India, you should look for a number of criteria such as the server capacity, backup facility, power backup, cooling systems, software support, security, etc.

Web hosting India provides certain guarantees to the customers including: the company owns servers and settles them in high quality data centers. They use only the dedicated connections to ensure enough bandwidth for all users. User information would be backed up at least in every 7 days and stored in an offsite server, according to the terms and conditions of the service. The user can back up the data any time from the control panel whenever the user wishes to do so.

The affordability comes from the fact that the workforce in India is highly skilled and also not as uneasy as their counterparts from other places. So eventually, this has an impact on the quote made by the service provider operating out of India. The affordable Web hosting service from India offers suitable Web hosting solution for anybody who is looking to establish a personal Web site or a small business Web site or in other side if you are looking to hire entire server you have option to get affordable dedicated servers India. Now having mentioned the economics part of the project, it is important to realize that the services being deployed from the region are thoroughly quality personified.

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