Disaster Management and Data Recovery

Disaster Management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. Too many organizations have been unprepared when the unexpected happens. So every organization is to deal with potential disasters because disasters can loss of:

• Data
• Custom Applications
• Business Continuity
• Customer Trust
• Reliability

Disasters affect your revenue, not just because of what needs to be spent to get back online, but also how much you are losing during the downtime.

What to do?
Data for every organization is the main assets and every organization spends lot of money in security or avoiding data confidentiality. So this is the biggest threat for every organization so to avoid this we should have a perfect plan. Web Hosting organizations should take backup’s of data, stored either on a hard disk or a removable tape. Having backups available can help you restore from relatively common disasters such as hard drive failure, file corruption, and accidental deletion.
Removing backup tapes from the data center and into a secure offsite facility helps to protect your data against less likely larger-scale disasters such as flood and fire. So every organization should follow these kinds of precautions and they can serve their customers in healthy manners and it will also increase customer trust and goodwill for you .


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  1. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  2. Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

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