Guaranteed uptime servers
Apoto Failover Technology

Apoto's multiple server cluster with Failover technology is designed for two purposes-- maximize website performance and eliminate downtime. Our enterprise level hosting is the same solution used to host high traffic mission critical websites.

General Hosting Setup
The standard server setup consist of one server and if the server your domain is hosted on fail or shuts down for maintenance the result will be prolonged downtime. In addition, all server software (web, email, database server) are located on the same server creating a bottleneck that can lead to slow performance.

The diagram above illustrates an example of a typical hosting company setup. One server carries all the load and if it fail your site will be offline until the problem is resolved.

Apoto's Clustered Failover Servers

Apoto offers a redundant setup that distributes the load across multiple servers to improve overall performance. Additionally, all data (web, email, database) are mirrored in real-time and in the event of a server failure our failover application will route all websites traffic to the available server within the cluster keeping your website online until resolved.

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