Email Hosting

Zimbra Email Hosting

Apoto brings you a fully automated Zimbra mailing solution; which enables the businesses to encompass management of their huge requirement of mailing and collaboration. It contains protection against spam, identification of virus and its removal, streamlining of communication process.

Apoto provides a platform for immense mail traffic in a safe, secure, confidential manner and also it helps in maintaining the privacy of the business.

AJAX-based end user interface Online end user help

It provides online end user help accessibility directly through the end user interface.

Multiple messages can be forwarded

Multiple messages can be selected and forwarded in one email

AJAX-based end user interface

Zimbra is an interactive and rich open source, provides web-based interface for end user functions access via HTTP or HTTPS.

Customizable Options pages

Zimbra templates can be used to customize the feature layouts of the pages

Drag/Drop with drag context

It has the feature of drag and drop, with dynamic indicators of the number of items being dragged and valid drop

Auto-complete addresses

It is very dynamic as addresses get auto-completed as they are typed. Also it has an updated selection dialog in case multiple addresses get matched.

HTML formatting

It can easily and efficiently create messages, appointments and web documents in HTML format

Spell check

There is an option to check and correct the spellings in a mail message, calendar appointment and web documents.

Preview pane

You can easily view a highlighted message in a preview pane


Automatic grouping of messages in a message thread


It has the fast and quick ability to categorize messages and documents by attaching "Tags" with user defined names and colors